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Welcome to Lambert Homes

Drawing on over a decade of home building experience ranging from track homes to multimillion dollar homes, owner John Lambert founded Lambert Homes on the principles of providing a QUALITY product at an HONEST price while maintaining the RELIABILITY customers have come to know.

Using past experiences and projects, coupled with the latest technologies and building innovations, John enjoys customizing his projects to meet the needs of his clients. "I like to listen to my customers' needs and dreams and envision myself in their shoes. By doing so, I gain a better understanding of what they want to accomplish, and then I can custom tailor the design plans and features to best suit the functionality of the project."

Many Lambert Homes feature open concepts, fusing the kitchen and main living areas so families can enjoy their time together throughout their hectic days. Lambert Homes also incorporates many features which reduce the clutter associated with busy schedules and helps make life a little easier. From pull-out drawers and Lazy Susans which access hard to reach areas to a perfectly designed "clutter corner" to hold cell phones, keys, purses, backpacks and more, Lambert Homes meets the needs of today's family and goes the extra mile to help simplify their lives and truly make their house a "HOME!"